Company history and development

HI-FIX was founded in 1994 by Finn Larsen. He had for a very long time worked in the rubber industry, where he had development and production departments under his responsibility. This was the background by which he dared to start up using his ideas.​

HI-FIX started the production under humble conditions. In a stable in Yding, close to Østbirk in Eastern Jutland, Finn Larsen was at first alone running the production, but already half a year after the start-up, his daughter Helle was employed.

With Finn Larsen’s vast knowledge and experience as foundation, the necessary polymer compounds were developed and the production was carried out using just one blender and one extruder.

There were 2 deciding reasons for HI-FIX being located in the Østbirk area. Firstly, the funding for the company could be established without problems and secondly, there were several potential customers located nearby.​

A continuous growth in the following years made it necessary to have more space for the production. As there were no room for expansion in Yding, HI-FIX moved in 1999 to larger production facilities in Østbirk. The relocation of the company meant that there now was created space for further growth, and HI-FIX today has 2 blending machines and 4 production lines at its disposal.

How the company name came about

Many have during the cause of time wondered about the company name, HI-FIX. Already when the idea of establishing a new company was fostered, Finn Larsen had had the thought that the name of the company should be easy to pronounce in both Danish and English while at the same time the name should create associations to the products being manufactured.

During travel in The Netherlands together with a rubber supplier, Finn Larsen remembered the English word ”to fix” in its meaning “to fasten”.

The word is in this meaning used extensively in the rubber industry and as it at the same time describes one of the product’s functions, the word fix was a natural choice. As he at the same time had the prerequisite for the carrying out of the idea that the new company should sell products of a high quality, he chose the prefix Hi, which when spoken resembles the English word “high”.

Hence the new company was given its name.


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