Extensive butyl rubber product range

HI-FIX A/S manufactures 3 main products:

  • Extruded products for application manually
  • Hot-melt or hot-applied butyl rubber mastic for use in high ​temperature melting equipment
  • Environment product for securing airports, oil facilities and petrol ​stations against seepage of oil products, should accidents occur.

HI-FIX Butyl Mastic is available in extruded strings and tapes for application manually. These are available as double-sided adhesive types or covered with fibre, aluminium film, plastic film, woven tissue or as the customer requires. HI-FIX Butyl Mastic does not harden and remains flexible. The products are well suited for sealing against water and cold, moisture and draught.

HI-FIX Butyl Hot Melt is available in 200 l drums or 20 l buckets. The product is used in industry processes as hot-applied sealing mastic and is especially suited for use in robots.

HI-FIX Environment Product is developed for use in special machines manufactured by ZACHO Products A/S The Environment Product has the optimum of properties with regard to adhesion to cement and concrete and is not dissolved by jet fuel and other oil products. The HI-FIX Environment Product is not only being used for securing many airports, but is also used in places where there is a possible risk of oil products polluting the ground. Likewise, the product used for securing underground drinking water tanks. The product is able to absorb movement due to temperature changes and does not become stiff or brittle in frosty weather.


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