Seals against moisture - draught – cold – heat - water
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Examples of specific product uses:
Pipe feed-throughs in refrigerators and roof constructions. Mounting of window portholes and sheet joints in caravans, refrigeration boxes and cars plus repairing of gutters and roof sheets.

Velux A/S
For the Velux® skylight window, the manufacturer has seen the benefits gained by using the HI-FIX specialist knowledge in the sealing area and uses the HI-FIX Butyl Mastic.

Lindab A/S
Lindab Profil A/S uses HI-FIX butyl strings for sealing garage and industrial door windows. The product is specifically developed in co-operation with Lindab Profil A/S.

Logstor A/S
HI-FIX is a supplier of butyl tape of several dimensions to Logstor A/S. The butyl rubber is as sealant a part of the casing joints.

  HI-FIX offers  
  solutions by:

-  Developing sealing materials
   tailored to customer

-  Writing material specifications

-  Participating in customer
   projects as consulting partner

-  Delivering test production
   samples as fast as possible

-  Delivering products of a
   uniform quality

-  Letting the customer benefit
   from over 40 years of
   experience with rubber

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