Seals against moisture - draught – cold – heat - water

Sealing solutions

HI-FIX has developed a broad range of commonly usable adhesive butyl rubber products, which can be used for most of the sealing tasks within the production and building industries.

Our products feature the following characteristics:

-  Do not harden and stay flexible
-  Are flexible over a wide temperature range
-  Have a high level of water- and gas-tightness
-  Have a high level of ageing resistance
-  Are environmentally friendly

HI-FIX sealing products adhere to most of the commonly used materials such as glass, steel, zinc, wood, concrete, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene and EPDM.

Due to the high degree of flexibility, our products are well suited to sealings where there are large thermal or physical movements in the joints.

HI-FIX adjusts the products according to specific requirements in co-operation with our customers.

  HI-FIX offers  
  solutions by:

-  Developing sealing materials
   tailored to customer

-  Writing material specifications

-  Participating in customer
   projects as consulting partner

-  Delivering test production
   samples as fast as possible

-  Delivering products of a
   uniform quality

-  Letting the customer benefit
   from over 40 years of
   experience with rubber

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